Let's Cook & Eat!

There are so many different ways to enjoy Vallee Farm Vermont pure maple syrup. Drizzle delicious maple syrup over your morning pancakes, waffles and French toast. Drop a splash into your drink to add a little depth of flavor. Add maple syrup to yogurt, granola or a dish of ice cream. Enjoy maple syrup as an ingredient in sauces, appetizers, main dishes and baked goods. The opportunities are endless!

As a natural sweetener with healthy antioxidants, pure maple syrup is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium, important nutrients in a balanced diet. Maple syrup can also provide a healthy alternative to the use of table sugar.

One of the keys to cooking with maple syrup is to use it as an accent or finishing flavor in both sweet and savory dishes. When substituting maple syrup for sugar in baked goods, remember that maple syrup is sweeter (so you’ll need a bit less); be sure to also account for the fact that maple syrup adds moisture to a recipe.

Maple syrup with a golden color and “delicate” taste is typically used in candy and sweets; the amber color maple syrup with “rich” taste is used most often as table syrup for topping breakfast items and ice cream. For use as an ingredient in cooking and baking, the dark color “robust” taste is often preferred. Of course, it’s totally up to you – cooking and experimenting with maple syrup is half the fun - along with eating and sharing what you’ve made!