About Our Farm

Family Owned and Operated For Over 45 Years

We discovered our passion for maple sugaring in our very own backyard in 1975.  Helping to gather sap on a tractor-pulled wagon at our neighbors’ sugarhouse after school, maple sugaring became something special. We quickly learned about the dedication, pride and strong family tradition that goes into the sugaring season and pure Vermont maple syrup.  These initial values were very influential on our future as family sugarmakers.

Motivated by the hours we spent down the road and the sweet results, it was time to try it on our own. Carving out notches in coffee tins for the spouts, we began collecting sap from the few maple trees located outside of our own house. With the sap flowing and ready to be gathered, we’d pull a red wagon around to collect from our homemade buckets. The steamy boiling process took place inside the house, on top of the kitchen stove. These early home made experiments were the beginning of something amazing for our family.

Over the years, maple sugaring grew from a backyard hobby to a passion we wanted to share beyond our immediate family and friends. Over 45 years later, Vallee Farm is a prominent maple syrup producer in Vermont’s highly regarded maple landscape and marketplace.

While the business has grown over time, the important values of family, hard work and tradition that helped it all come together have never wavered. A new generation of sugarmakers in the family has joined the process, eager to learn everything they can about the maple sugaring process and to carry on traditions instilled at an early age. We hope you will taste the proud tradition in every drop of Vermont pure maple syrup you enjoy from our farm.